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There are 1.69 Billion (that’s a B) Facebook users and only 8 million businesses advertising on this large social media platform.


There’s a staggering need (more like abundant opportunity) to hire Facebook ad managers to create click-worthy and profitable ad campaigns. Acquire leads by the thousands. Sell products and services. And quadruple the impact.

Because here’s the thing


  • The most targeted form of advertising for businesses who want to scale in 2021 and beyond.
  • A significant contributor to building and increasing brand awareness.
  • The traffic fuel needed for your website, sales, bottom line, and lifetime customers.
  • The best platform for businesses who want hockey-stick growth. Especially if they have proven offers, a hungry audience, and solid back-end systems to support soaring demand.
  • Here to stay. Despite the world pandemic… The #boycottFacebook movement… And the unyielding, ever unpredictable Facebook Algorithm.

And that’s why...

Creating profitable and scalable Facebook Ad campaigns is the single most important skill you need to master & offer as a paid service.

Because when you have this skill set it means...

You confidently charge A-list fees (I’m talking about $2k-$3k+ per client. Monthly)

You’re a sought after Facebook Ad Consultant/Strategist/Manager (proof’s in the pudding because you’ve got a 3-month waitlist)

You can strategically look in the client’s business manager, pinpoint where they’re bleeding money, and how you can execute a few ninja ‘tricks,’ and save the day - silently enjoying your client's jaw drop in amazement - on a live Zoom call (go you!)

You’re not second guessing your abilities. You have what it takes. (BOOM)


Starting, running, AND profiting as a Facebook Ad Manager (or similar role in the ecosystem) are three different things.

Unfortunately, most ad managers are in perpetual start (and stop) mode.

Few do one or two.

Fewer accomplish ALL three.

Here’s why...

You’re overwhelmed with information overload (YouTube, Social Media Examiner, Facebook guru-speak, blogs #contentoverwhelm).

You’ve tried a few things here and there. Some were hits. Some were misses. But it feels like the cobbled bits of information in your brain are swirling around in horse jizz (a.k.a. The worst cocktail ever created). You don’t have proven repeatable frameworks.

You learn more - but end up feeling less confident about your skills because you don’t know what you don’t know.

You settle for $500/month retainer projects because that’s “what it takes to get clients.” - and besides, you hate selling.

You attract clients that are often start-ups or businesses without a marketing budget. Worse, they’re convinced that you can turn their $10 into marketing magic and spit out $10k. In 30 days.

You do whatever it takes to fix the client’s ad campaigns. Even if it means inviting scope creep and toiling away on nights and weekends. #chronicpeoplepleaser

Your massive imposter syndrome takes over when you’re supposed to be in beast mode - kicking butt and taking names.

You believe that the ONLY way to become a successful ad manager is to build an agency - a team of ad managers, copywriters, graphic designers, and funnel builders - to charge LEGIT retainer rates and be taken seriously.

You’re one step away from burnout. Quitting. Researching “simpler ways to make money” from home.


Damn right it’s not.

Because while it’s easy to start a Facebook ad business, watch a few YouTube videos, create Custom Audiences, and create or execute a few lead generation ads…

It’s a whole different ball game to understand overall Facebook ad strategy, manage campaigns, and exceed client expectations.

Constant worrisome thoughts like:

  • How to decide if the ad budget should be $10, $100, or $1,000.
  • How to deal with ad disapprovals or ad account shutdowns.
  • Should you touch ad sets in a CBO campaign? Add new creative to an ad set? To can or not to can a CBO campaign?
  • Know exactly where the bottlenecks are and how to remove them. Or what KPIs to use and make (profitable?) decisions,

And because you don’t have the solid skill set that goes beyond surface level tactics - you fall short on confidence...

“Am I doing this right?”

“I’m not sure if I can get results.”

“Why can’t I get lower CPAs?!”

“OMG! The client’s going to fire me.”

When you fall short on confidence… you scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for the yuckiest clients. Clients who control your time, tell you what to do, and pay a pittance.

But if you're finally ready to....

Start, Run & P-R-O-F-I-T as a

Facebook Ad Manager

Then You've Got To....

Master The 3-pronged Approach That Prepares Facebook Ad Managers To Become The Only Link Connecting Businesses To An Endless Stream Of Buyers





This program isn’t only about opening Ad Manager, creating a campaign, and firing up the infamous pixel.

Nope and scented soap.

To stand out as a sought-after Facebook Ad Manager you’re going to wear two hats - 1) manager 2) strategist.

You’ll have access to “beginner to advanced” Facebook ad strategies that will set you apart from other ad managers.

How? Because when things go wrong (and they will!) - you get to:

  • Tap into ninja ad concepts that go beyond (and make a stronger impact) an average 30-day lead retargeting strategy.
  • Connect and nurture audiences on a deeper level - that most average ad managers view as simply impossible.
  • Help your clients build their authority and an authentic relationship with their audience while simultaneously keeping ad costs down.
  • Make a confident call to can or keep an ad campaign, how to troubleshoot, and configure pixels and attribution.
  • Provide a high level service to clients because you’re a ‘strategic partner.’ Not a $500/month order taker who’s subject to the client’s whims and fancies.



Want to create stellar client results & take names?

Want a 3-month waitlist?

Want clients to refer other dream clients to you?

Simple. Get your systems in order and set yourself up for success. And no, it doesn’t take fancy tools and an army of agency employees.

You can provide a streamlined ad management service with minimal overhead and stress. Which means: One bookkeeper. One marketing assistant.

You can provide a streamlined ad management service with dependable, client-centric systems. Ones that will attract A-list clients and build your reputation as a trustworthy business.

Which means:

  • No more peeing your pants when a prospect wants to “hop on a call” because you’ll know exactly what to say (and what to avoid) and control the convo on discovery calls.
  • No more running around like a headless chicken because you’ve just closed a client, and the mere mention of ‘contract’ is enough for you to curl up in a burrito.
  • No more thinking of ‘boarding’ as a mere airline concept - I’m talking about using systems ready to attract & sign your ideal clients within 30 days... and knock their socks off with a stellar (and systematized) onboarding process.

Instead, you’ll take charge like a boss… Onboard your clients like a boss…

… And run your (business) pirate ship into the uncharted, rough seas of Facebook advertising with the ferocity of Johnny Depp a la Captain Jack Sparrow.

You’ll become the unbreakable link between your clients and the endless stream of buyers and impact...



You can have all the skills to pay the bills. But if your mind isn’t aligned - you will not get very far in business or help clients.

Apologies for the cheesy rhymes!

But here’s what I don’t want Facebook ad managers to apologize for… anymore:

Clients who’ve got weak offers masquerading as ‘million dollar offers’ and expect you, the ad manager, to hand deliver a pot of gold when the campaign goes live. Overnight. (#unrealisticexpectations)

Clients who want to pay you $500/month and expect you to deliver a white glove service.

Clients who’ve never dabbled in paid ad campaigns. Haven’t validated their offers. Are new in business. And they are messaging you at 10 PM because they demand to know why their latest ad isn’t translating into call inquiries for their coaching program.

Here’s the thing...

Campaigns will tank. Things won’t go perfectly all the time. Your worth as an ad manager isn’t strictly ROI.

  • It's about figuring things out and relying on your grit.
  • It’s about knowing your skills and time are worth more than a month’s studio apartment rent in an inexpensive neighborhood.
  • It’s about knowing that you’ve done all you can using the skills you’ve got to do the best for your client.
  • It’s about managing client expectations, setting boundaries, and not accommodating for scope creep.


  • It’s about closing more killer sales calls ($2-3k/month retainers), full of excited yeses, and how-soon-can-we-get-started and less of the one big let-me-cringe-and-try-to-convince-you-because-I-really need-you-and-this-job fest.

And if you’re ready to do that…

I'm happy to introduce...

ELITE Ad Manager



Who want to...

Charge A-list fees and work with A-list clients (goodbye $200/month energy suckers & hello $2,000/month dream clients)

Make a healthy 6-figure revenue with a tiny team (read: one marketing assistant)

Create Profitable & Scalable Ad Campaigns using proven (read: 6-& 7 figure) systems & frameworks - no second guessing, shrinking, or softening (undermining) of smarts. Or stance. EVER.

Created, Battle - Tested and Curated by...


Hey, that’s me

JODY Milward


I’ve helped clients generate millions of dollars and 10x their return on ad spend selling online programs.

Clients like Cat Howell, Scott Oldford, Kim Garst, and Sue B.Zimmerman.

I’ve coached hundreds of Facebook ad managers as they run campaigns for clients and now, helping the ELITE to build profitable freelance businesses or boutique agency - distilling everything I’ve learned about Facebook ads and client management.

I know exactly what it’s like - the good, bad & those



I’ve been in burnout paradise city - giving my all and working my butt of. Consecutive 16-hour days and sitting red-eyed in front of the computer...

… working weekends. Holidays. Birthdays.

Creating, testing, and optimizing ads and audiences.

Not to mention checking and answering client emails… (with 30x the frequency during a launch) and never charging enough because, hello imposter syndrome. (can you relate?)

Until I figured out a 3-pronged approach, responsible for turning my business around and generating more than $1million in revenue in the last 4 years.

Without the 16-hour days and managing agency overhead (I’ve got a virtual assistant, a copywriter, and a bookkeeper. That’s it.)

Without worrying about client retention and churn

Without offering a white glove service on Upwork proposal rates (looking at you, chronic underchargers!)

Here's the Elite Ad Manager Curriculum



Foundations of a

6-Figure Ad Manager

You can have all the skills to pay the bills but if your mind isn’t aligned, the road to becoming a 6-figure ad manager becomes loaded with minefields.

You need solid practices and systems to conserve your energy, mental faculties, and slay your business goals.

Here’s what’s included to build a resilient (and profitable) business as a 6-Figure Facebook Ad Manager:

  • Mindset of a 6-Figure Facebook Ad Manager - because it’s a lot more than creating and managing ad campaigns (this forms 90% of anything you do in business).
  • Ad Manager code of ethics - Acting with integrity and ethics will ensure you work with clients who hold the same values as you and protect your name.
  • A Day in the Life of an Ad Manager - so you understand what it takes to produce client results at the highest level and separates you from other ad manager wannabes.
  • Marketing 101 - so you understand the bigger picture and the decisions that drive results.
  • Designing a business & lifestyle you love - because what’s the point if you’re not?



Facebook Ads 101

Master the inner workings of the Ad Manager interface. This is where you’ll create profitable ad campaigns, and w-o-w your clients.

Confidently explain to your clients why they’re losing money and where they can expect to see the ‘pot of gold.’ Launch ad campaigns knowing that the pixel tracking is set up correctly, the right campaign objectives have been established, and your targeting is hyper-specific.

Failure to set up pixel tracking equals to spending hundreds of dollars in vain. Similarly, an incorrect campaign choice misaligned with client goals can cause dismal ad results - dimming client enthusiasm and increasing probability of stopping ads altogether.

Here’s how you’ll set up the client’s ad manager with success:

  • Facebook ad lingo - understand and master ad terminology so you know what you’re doing.
  • Facebook ad campaigns de-mystified - learn the different ad campaigns. When to use them. And when to break the rules.
  • Ad Manager walk around - discover how to navigate the Ads Manager interface and its important features so that campaign management is hiccup-free.
  • Facebook Ad Policies - want to avoid the wrath of the Facebook gods, so you don’t experience ad disapprovals and account shutdowns? Tattoo what you can and cannot say in your ad copy, landing pages, and imagery to your brain.
  • Pixels: A funny word. But serious business -
  • Creating custom conversions and events - You'll learn the ins & outs of Custom Conversions including everything you need to know to set them up and why you might want to use them.
  • The custom audiences every ad campaign must have to maximize success and reduce ad costs.
  • Audience research & insights



Keys to Creating Ads That Convert

Create profitable ad campaigns that take users from scroll to smashing sales. Know exactly who you’re targeting, and how to nail your positioning to maximize sales potential and keep costs down.

You’ll never struggle for answers when clients check in with a “hey, how are the ads doing?”

Worse yet, you launch ads that aren’t Facebook compliant and experience ad account shut downs.

Here’s how you’ll learn to create ads that convert:

  • Understand client avatars, messaging & copywriting - create high-converting ad copy that targets the ideal audience with laserlike precision. Here’s where you dive deep into understanding your avatar’s psyche and how the offer (on the ad) helps them.
  • Avatar research - if your targeting is spot on, your ads have a higher chance of success. Learn ninja tricks to nail avatar research, explode reach, and result in cha-chings!
  • Refining the messaging - learn how to create laser-targeted messaging to produce high click-through rates, relevance scores, followed by desired conversions.
  • Compliant ad copy - want to stay out of Facebook jail (a.k.a. client ad account shutdown)? Give your clients the gift of a good night’s sleep with a compliant ad account. Learn how to create compliant ad copy that is click-worthy and doesn’t require you to have a professional copywriting background. You’ll know what words to use and the terms to avoid.
  • Conversion ad copy - write Facebook ad copy that stops the scrolls, gets the clicks, and results in leads generated or sales made.
  • Story copy - long copy or short copy? Doesn’t matter as long as you can weave compelling story elements that spark an emotional connection and build brand affinity with your audience (and up your CTRs). You’ll have access to ad storytelling frameworks, examples, and templates you can use with your clients’ campaigns.
  • Canva for Creative - how to create eye-catching creatives on the fly without getting sucked down the design rabbit hole and wishing you had aesthetic sensibilities.



Facebook Ad Strategies

Quickly and easily put together a customized strategy for your client. Never miss a key retargeting opportunity and be running back and forth to the client with last-minute requests (and look like an amateur).

You will Master the 9 crucial ad campaign types:

  • Audience Building Campaign
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Tripwire Campaign
  • 2 Step Funnel Campaign
  • Webinar Campaigns
  • Application Campaign
  • Challenge Funnel Campaigns
  • SLO Funnel Campaigns

As well as essential Ad Campaign Calculators for every one of the 9 Campaign Strategies listed above! These are a MUST HAVE!

Double down on these campaign techniques to:

  • Create high-converting ads that produce high CTRs, lower CPAs, and hungry customers
  • The hyper-specific retargeting strategy to get exponential results
  • Know the metrics to measure ad performance, tweak, and test



Optimizing & Scaling

Want your dream clients to stick around longer?

Want a waitlist that’s 3 - 6 months long and has clients clamoring to work with you?

Without batting an eyelid at your prices?

Yes? Simple. Know the ad metrics and make data-driven decisions in your client’s favor - and never have them leave your side to work with another ad manager.

Mastering ad metrics means you never have to:

  • Scratch your head wondering what to do - pause or scale ads
  • Run around with the proverbial fire extinguisher to put out money-leaking ads (hundreds of dollars, too late)
  • Dread the Ad Manager on a workday morning
  • Feel an anxiety attack coming in lieu of a client meeting or pre-empting a negative client email

After completing this module you’ll be able to:

  • Optimize ad performance efforts and improve conversion rates
  • Troubleshoot underperforming ads without second guessing yourself
  • Scale campaigns like a rockstar Facebook Ad Manager
  • To CBO or not CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) - Know exactly if you should can a campaign or scale it.
  • How to manage $1k/day ad spends



Getting Client Ready

Learn the tools and systems ready to attract and sign dream clients within 30 days. (money in the bank!)

Knock clients socks off with a stellar (systematized) onboarding process and managing their expectations. Doing this gives you the upper hand in the relationship. So you can do your best work.

Here’s what you need to attract dream clients (and keep them):

  • Business Manager Basics and Insurance policies - so you can CYA when a client goes rogue, doesn’t pay, or stirs up legal trouble. (eeek!)
  • Selecting the right clients - which make ALL the difference between sleepless nights dreading Mondays and happy Sunday brunch mimosas.
  • Gold class onboarding - give your clients 100% confidence and reassurance they made the right choice to hire you when you onboard them like royalty.
  • Client Management - so they see you as a strategic and collaborative partner, not a 3rd party vendor (or a third-class service provider).
  • Finding a niche - and dialing in what makes you irresistible.
  • Systems for success- Install professional systems for client communications reporting, outsourcing for copy and creative, and the daily/weekly flow to managing ads for clients.
  • Setting expectations - so those face-palming moments are zero.
  • Selling and sales calls - so you lead and control the conversation like a pro, knowing EXACTLY what to say (and what to avoid).
  • Proposals, Invoices and Services Agreements - those "must haves" for your business
  • Pricing - so you’re not undercharging or competing in the “race to the bottom of the pricing barrel.”

You also get access to these incredibly valuable bonuses so you can get moving stat and start booking clients!


Your Simplified Marketing

(VALUE $197)

Overcome the obstacle of not knowing what content to create and get seen by your ideal client thanks to your simplified marketing system, and harness the power of AI.  By the end of this module, you'll feel at ease with being seen and creating engaging videos—even if you're camera-shy. And finally, we'll unlock the secrets of OPA (Other People's Audience) to widen your reach. 


Project Management System

(VALUE $297)

Systems will save you time and time again!  In these bonus lessons I’ll introduce you to the frameworks for your Project Management (PM) System.  Training and Templates for Paid Audits, Client Requests, Communication, New Client Onboarding and Client deliverable, you’ll finally get everything out of your head and into some smooth systems.


Lead Form Ads

(VALUE $297)

Lead Forms are a great way to get leads without leaving the platform - but are they quality leads? Discover the different features of Lead Forms so that you can qualify the quality of the leads. Discover the secret box to uncheck so that your forms can be shared and also what you need to know to pass the lead details to your clients for follow up.


Client Contract Template

(VALUE: $1,250)

One of the most important client-service provider documents - the contract. Also, the most stress-inducing paperwork to write up because legaleze.   

Get access to the Client Contract Template to use for a seamless client onboarding process and prevent scope creep.


12 Months Of Elite Ad Manager Certification


Promote yourself with our ELITE Ad Manager Certification badge of honour.


Simple. Get Certified As An Elite Ad Manager & Watch Your Business Explode!

For no additional fee, you have the option of becoming a Certified Elite Ad Manager at the end of this program. There will be an exam for each module, which you must complete and pass.

When you pass all 5 exams, you’ll be:

  • Certified as an Elite Ad Manager for 12 months
  • Get a badge you can proudly display on our Certified Contractors Database (12 months)
  • Get a leg up on your competition, feel confident, and solid in your skills when you send proposals and pitch clients

When you enroll today, you’ll get the ELITE Ad Manager Training: Videos, Templates, Checklists, Workbooks (Value $10,000)

  • Module 1 - Foundations of a 6-Figure Ad Manager

  • Module 2 - Facebook Ads 101

  • Module 3 - Keys To Creating Ads That Convert

  • Module 4 - Facebook Ad Strategies

  • Module 5 - Optimizing & Scaling

  • Module 6 - Getting Client Ready

  • Module 7 - After The Sale - Paid Audits and Onboarding

    Certification Training Program & Exams

    Weekly Q & A Calls (Value $8,000)

    Exclusive Support Group (Value $2,000)


  • Bonus # 1 - Your Simplified Marketing System (value $197)

  • Bonus # 2 - Project Management System (value $297)

  • Bonus # 3 - Lead Form Ads (value $297)

  • Bonus # 4 - Client Contract Template (value $1,250)

  • Bonus # 5 - 12 Months Of Elite Ad Manager Certification (value: Priceless!)

When you add it all up, that’s a total real world value of




(SAVE $1,000)



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Cashflow friendly







Australian's click here to pay in AUD

What Students Are Saying

“Carol signed 4 clients in less than 8 week after joining Elite Ad Manager.”

“What could’ve taken me years to learn and figure out on my own, I’m coming in at a level where I’ve got professional business structures from day 1 and that’s pretty awesome!”

“Jody’s course is a game changer! It blows everything out of the water”

Within 16 weeks Cassandra went from 0 clients and being ignored in Facebook Groups after ‘giving value’ to attracting quality leads and working with 7 clients.

If you’re even remotely worried that The Elite Ad Manager Certification won't work for you, I want to make it clear that you’re covered by …


Try The Elite Ad Manager Certification for 30 days. Learn the content. Implement. Sign a client. Or two.

Why am I 100% certain this stuff works? It’s because:

I’ve put in years of my experience as a freelancer, ad manager, strategist, and an agency owner to create the curriculum. You get a multi-dimensional training from an industry expert who’s been in the trenches for years.

I’ve tested the theories and strategies you’ll get in this training with my 7- & 8-figure private clients - this stuff works!

I’ve shared what it takes to run a 6-figure Facebook Ads business: whether you wish to go the agency route or hire one or two people to create a lean operation - I built the content so you can apply it to your business as fast as possible. From day 1.

I don’t want you to learn EVERYTHING before you sign your first client - The content is easily executable and best learned while you’re working with a client (s).

If you’re not thinking and saying out loud: “WOW! The information in this training is amazing. I can understand pixels, track codes, and feel like a Facebook Ad ninja"

Then you deserve your money back. Every cent. No questions asked.

Are you ready to say Yes to your own version of success...

To become a Certified Elite Facebook Ad Manager, Confidently charge $2,500/month (or more) per client & (finally) call the shots in your business?

Are you nodding "YES"? Then join the Elite Ad Manager Certification!

fast action bonus


(SAVE $$$$)



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Australian's click here to pay in AUD

If you’ve made it this far on the page, this tells me two things...


A part of you wants to raise your hand and scream, “YES Jody, YES! I WANT TO BE IN The Elite Ad Manager Certification!”


Another bigger part of you has some hesitations that are stopping you from clicking on those payment buttons.


Understandable. After all, it’s an investment of your time and money. So let me address them one by one.

When you add it all up, that’s a total real world value of



To become a Certified Elite Facebook Ad Manager, Confidently charge $2,500/month (or more) per client & (finally) call the shots in your business?

Are you nodding "YES"? Then join the Elite Ad Manager Certification!

Fast action bonus


(SAVE $$$$)



Australian's click here to pay in AUD

cash flow friendly







Australian's click here to pay in AUD

Understandable. After all, it’s an investment of your time and money. So let me address them one by one.

You’re Ready To Start, Run & Profit As a (Certified) Elite Facebook Ad Manager if you’re...

  • A virtual assistant who wants to master a profitable skill set beyond administrative tasks, so you can charge high-fee retainer projects and get away from $15/hour jobs.
  • A service provider - for example, a social media manager, graphic designer, WordPress developer, or a funnel builder who wants to learn FB ads and offer it as a premium paid service
  • A Facebook Ad Manager who wants to solidify your knowledge, get certified, and confidently charge higher prices than your peers.
  • An online business and want to train your in-house team members in creating, managing, and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns. Minimize costs and run a tighter operation.
  • Serving clients who are digital course creators, info product creators, coaches, and local businesses.
  • An ad agency and want to put your new ad interns through the training.
  • Ready to get certified and get an upper hand in the cutthroat Facebook Ad Manager niche.
  • Delighted to hit $10k/months (or more) working from home with a lean operation - with just a bookkeeper and a virtual assistant on your side.
  • Committed to recoup the cost of the training with just two clients.

Then I Can't Wait To Welcome You To...

ELITE Ad Manager


fast action bonus


(SAVE $$$$)



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cashflow friendly







Australian's click here to pay in AUD

Disclaimer: This site and the Elite Ad Manager Certification is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook. There are no guarantees that you will earn 5 figures per month or even 5 figures in year - individual results vary on the individual and their circumstances. For more information refer to our Earnings Disclaimer.

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